Whatever the reason is, whether you need to downsize, you got a new job opportunity in another state or city, or you are just looking for your dream home, you've decided to sell your current home.  You are ready for the next big step.  But have you honestly considered what it will take to sell it?  Click the BIG BLUE BUTTON below to find out what it takes.



Here are a few things you'll need to consider whether you sell it yourself or with a Realtor...


  • Update or Alter as Necessary
    • You may need to update your home to reach its price potential, maybe some granite in the kitchen, new appliances, updated baths, etc.
    • Make sure to contact the right people/contractors or you could end up with a mess
    • Also, be aware there are certain things that will create value in your home whereas others will not.  Do you know which is which?  Click the BIG BLUE BUTTON to find out!


  • Make Sure Your Home is Clean
    • Hire cleaning crew or do it yourself.  You'll want your home as close to spotless as possible.  You don't want to have a buyer walk away just because there is grime in the oven or stains in the tub.
    • Hire carpet cleaners or do it yourself.  Spots and pet odor are an assault on the senses so don't let them be the only thing a prospective buyer focuses on in your lovely home.


  • Hire a Professional Stager
    • Proper placement and spacing of furniture, artwork, accessories, and appliances are key.  You want to be able to show the possibilities to anyone who might be looking to live there for the next couple of years.
    • Do you know the one item in every home that will drive buyers away?  If you do, get rid of it!  If you don't click the BIG BLUE BUTTON to find out!


  • Hire a Professional Photographer
    • Your photos are the first thing any prospective buyer is going to see.  It can mean the difference between someone coming to see your home or passing for the next one with better/clearer photos.
    • Current phone technology is great for capturing your everyday photos, however, compared to a high-resolution digital camera with multiple lenses, settings, a custom displays they just won't cut it.


  • Other Items to Consider
    • Which parts/items in my home should I update?  Any?  All?  None?
    • Which staging companies are insured/bonded?
    • Which cleaning companies do a thorough job?
    • How much will all this cost?  Time?  Money?
    • Need an answer to any of these questions?  Click the BIG BLUE BUTTON to find out!



Did Did you follow all the steps above to get your home ready to market?  Perfect.  Now let's discuss marketing.


  • Print Marketing
    • Flyers are a great way to capture people's attention.
    • You could hire someone to create an eye-catching flyer's or do it yourself.  Do you know which companies will design the most attractive and informative flyers?  Will they provide you with your own digital copy?
    • Make sure to distribute your flyers in the right locations to get the most attention for your home.  Where do you think those spots will be?
    • What kind of flyer is most appealing to buyers?  Single sheet, tri-fold, bi-fold?  Be sure to pick the right one or it'll end up in the trash with everything else.  No idea?  Click the BIG BLUE BUTTON to find out!


  • Digital Advertising
    • You'll need to utilize the best internet marketing sites available to make sure your listing is seen by everyone looking for your home.  Do you know which ones will help get your advertising out there and which ones will just suck your wallet dry? 
    • How many websites should you market on?
    • What areas/demographics does each site try to reach?
    • Will it include agents as well as individual buyers?


  • Other Items to Consider
    • What information MUST you have in your advertisements?
    • What specific colors will influence people to consider seeing your home?
    • Since space is limited, which photos should I be using in my advertising that will motivate buyers to consider seeing my home?
    • How much will all this cost?  Time?  Money?



Now that you've got your advertising out there what's left? 


Hmmmm, let's see...  Inspections, appraisals,  possible low appraisal negotiation, title work and coverage policies, mortgage and lien releases, recording, possible HOA issues, HOA documentation, HOA transfer requirements, earnest money, warranty information,  inspection items negotiation, due diligence documentation, variances, parking limitations, zoning, covenants, right-of-way issues, water and sanitation, water escrow, insurance, utilities transfers, easements, and the list goes on!


Oh! And don't forget the legally binding contract for the sale and purchase of your home.  You'd be wise to use the Colorado Approved Contracts or hire an attorney to draft up all the documentation.  And, if you do use the Approved Contracts make sure you know exactly what each paragraph and sub-paragraph in the 16 to 20+ page document means.  Not knowing could cost you the sale, or worse, end up with you stuck in court over a lawsuit.




If your home was built prior to January 1st, 1978, do you know the one thing the Buyer must do when submitting their offer/contract or the whole thing is VOID before the signatures are even dry?


Find out the answer by clicking the BIG BLUE BUTTON now!



LOOK, after having read just some of what it takes to sell your home, I'm sure your blood pressure is more than slightly elevated.  Don't worry, you're not alone.  The truth is, selling a home is an extremely complicated and time-consuming matter.  



Just CLICK the BIG BLUE BUTTON below and our experienced team will protect YOU and YOUR NEEDS by assist you with all the items mentioned above.


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